Is running your business complex?

TrueXpro is a management tool that resolves the complexity of conducting ‘non-simple’ business.

A business can be defined as complex when the owner or CEO no longer has the capacity to perform all the necessary skilled functions of the business.

If your company is experiencing any of the following problems then you own it to yourself to talk to our experts

  • Loss of intimate knowledge of your business’ activities
  • Inadequate tracking of costs; under-estimating / overspending budgets
  • Unable to access work files remotely – no centralised electronic storage

Increase profitability & competitiveness

With TrueXpro you can anticipate improvements in efficiency, project control, resource utilisation, client satisfaction and overall visibility resulting in a more effective business

The following list defines just some of the successful outcomes that can be achievved by using TrueXpro to improve profitability and grow your business.

  • Track costs that exceed approved budgeted amounts
  • Avoid unauthorised supplier relationships. Prevent staff from purchasing goods or services from non-approved suppliers
  • Decrease expenses by enforcing an effective purchase order and payables process, preventing dishonest and duplicate requisitions
  • Increase income by managing the recovery of all costs related to variations that were not included within the original budget
  • Track all non-chargeable time making it easy to review mistakes, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy of estimating
  • Increase revenue by identifying unbilled services

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